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For over 100 years, YMCA Camp Winona has been a place where youth have come to learn, grow and have fun in a wholesome and safe environment. Our goal is to provide each person with an experience that will help them grow and reach their full potential.

A branch of the Volusia Flagler Family YMCA association, YMCA Camp Winona is nestled among 68 secluded acres of oaks and pines on the shores of our 88 acre spring fed Lake Winona. Our heritage and programs have continued to provide fun and excitement in a safe atmosphere. That is why YMCA Camp Winona is “a place in the woods that finds a place in the heart!”


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Letter from the Director – 6/3/2023

Dear Camp Winona Families and Friends,

Summer is here and it is going to be the best Summer ever! We are so excited to have our camp back in action. I think that because each Summer simply gets better and better. You see friends you made last Summer, make friends who have never been to camp before and each year camp offers new experiences the last one didn’t. With over a decade in camping, even I am excited to take the leap into the lake off the blob tower! We are also excited to show off our improved waterfront! Our new docks, boats and aquatic obstacle course should make for a great Summer!

But what is in store for Camp in 2023? More returning faces for sure! Last year we reopened cabins that had been closed for years. It meant over 300 new campers made their way out to camp. It was wild! So many people were turning out for camp we were waitlisting campers in April! So please don’t wait to register. If you are unsure, call, email, schedule a tour of camp. We want to make sure you know everything you need to know before your camper or you become a Winonian.

Speaking of returning faces, we will have more staff coming back this year! We know that even the best programs under the sun can replicated at other camps. But our staff are something special. Last Summer the back of our staff shirts read Professional Role Model because they are more than just caregivers or supervisors or counselors. They are heroes, teachers, mentors, coaches and more. We are so happy to have them back!

More fun year-round! Schools, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Churches and Universities have been coming to camp! Even flashy business that wear suits all day are asking camp for help. Camp’s teambuilding and recreational programs can create strong connections. Family Camps and Weekend Camps are our most popular programs! Also our community events are off the hook! Plus, have you seen our Tik Tok? If not, Instagram does the trick too. We aren’t sleeping, come out and play! This is your invitation!

From outside,

Oliver Gregan

Executive Director

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