Aftercare is CampCare

CampCare is aftercare but with the enrichment and opportunities kids need. 

They canoe, shoot archery, cook, conduct science experiments, act and so much more. Camp allows for experiential education in a recreational format. 

Pick up is at McInnis Elementary in the bus line. Students from other schools or homeschool can be dropped off at camp at 3pm. 

CampCare goes until 6pm but parents can pick up at anytime. Students will have free time, a daily activity, homework help, snack and rec period.

*Wednesdays typically are special program days as we start at 2 instead of 3. Check the school calendar for early dismissals.

Example Schedule

Schoolhouse in the Woods

Schoolhouse in the woods is a homeschool supplemental program meant to help enrich your child’s learning. It however is not a Camp Winona program but a site use group. If you would like more information about their organization you can find it on their website.