Make A Difference

It only takes one person to change the world! At Camp Winona, you can make a difference in many ways, to many people. How do want to make a difference?


Are you a future role model. You can do it as a counselor, kitchen staff, office or Maintenance. Take a look at our career opportunities.


Explaining the power of camp is impossible in words. In attempt, we say it allows children to grow, connect and experience life. Donations can make camp possible for those who cannot afford it. Donations can give new experiences. Donations can change a kids life.


Camp is not possible without the help of volunteers. This large property needs the help of its community to be cared for. Please look at our volunteering opportunities.


Camp is always looking for talented individuals looking to give back. The effort you put in can be translated into your college course and resume. Are you a Marketing student looking to get first hand experience advertising a business? Perhaps you are an engineer who can help make weather proof facilities? Even architects can help design facility improvements for capital projects. Contact camp directly to make a difference.