Volunteer Work Weekends

Our Volunteer Work Weekends are a way to unite our community to make a big impact on camp. In a single weekend 100 volunteers or more can do over 1000 hours of work clearing land, building important infrastructure or maintaining the important features that makes camp so special. In one weekend that is equal to 3.5 months of labor for our full-time team!

This isn’t your run of the mill volunteering either. We ask volunteers to bring in chainsaws, log splitters, skid steers, paint sprayers, tractors and backhoes, what ever they have. The before and after photos are incredible! This is great volunteering for families, groups and organizations, and local businesses to get involved in.

Volunteers can stay on camp for free from Friday to Sunday. Food is provided Saturday and Sunday. Come for 1 day or the whole weekend!


Fall Worker Weekend

November 19-21st, 2021

Spring Worker Weekend

April 1-3rd, 2022

Volunteer Days

With our many acres, dozens of facilities, and thousands of children…. a few extra hands help us more than you could ever know! Volunteer days are great for energizing and team building with your organization. Projects can range from clearing trails, cleaning cabins, painting, building game elements, you name it! We can work with you to match the skill level of your employees. If interested in setting up a volunteer day, please contact the Executive Director.


Scout Projects

We host scout groups year-round. For those looking to pursue eagle, gold or silver ranks we are an organization that can help. Contact us for what projects might be possible for you to pursue.


YMCA Camp Winona Board

We are always looking for passionate leaders to join our Camp Board of Directors. If interested, please contact the Executive Director.

The board meets once a month and for events. We are looking for community leaders, camper parents, group leaders, and people who most importantly want to make a difference.

Life of a Board Member includes:

  • Connecting camp to the community for volunteers, sponsors and vendors
  • Volunteering for Year-Round Events
  • Raising money for financial assistance
  • Raising money for capital projects
  • Assists with Facilities care
  • Guides camp in its Program Planning

2021 Board of Directors

  • Jeff Berner, Chair
  • Kathy Ambachtsheer
  • Peter Ambachtsheer
  • Scott Beaton
  • Amy Cleveland
  • Charlie Cobb
  • Gary Cornwell
  • Grace Downing
  • Karen Gaines
  • Jeff Newfield
  • Scott O’Quinn

Interested in becoming a Board Member?