Frequently Asked Questions



What changes have you made?

A lot! Camp has renovated the interiors of all its cabins since 2019. In 2022 we will reach the end of this improvement. This means all our indoor spaces have AC, new floors, bunks, siding, lighting and more! It looks sooo nice. Not only that but many other spaces have seen a face lift in the last year.

How can I register my child for Camp Winona?

There are many ways!  You can call Camp and register over the phone (which is helpful if you have many questions since the Camp staff are the experts 🙂 ), you can quickly sign up online, or you can sign up at a Y branch!

A $50 deposit is required PER WEEK for all overnight camps. This will ensure your spot is reserved in the week you choose.  It is applied towards your total balance.

To receive the Y Member pricing, it must be a Family Membership – youth memberships will not apply. If you sign up less than two weeks prior to your camp, you must pay in full upon registration.

How do I apply for financial assistance?

By filling out his Financial Assistance Form and turning it in here!  If you’re a Y member and are getting an income based discount, that same percentage will apply towards Camp! Add-on’s are not eligible for scholarship i.e. paintball and weekend stayovers.

What happens after I register for camp?

Camp will contact you via email and send the forms you need, These are also available on our website here and under forms and resources.  You will need a Health Form for all camps.  This is filled out by a parent or guardian.  They will also need a physical that has been done within the last 12 months of their camp dates.  You’ll also receive the Parent Packet that tells you more about camp and what to bring, the check in and out process, and more!  These forms can all be found under the Files & Forms tab.

When do I need to pay the total balance?

Your balance must be paid in full before your child attends camp.  When you register, you can schedule to make auto payments if that is easiest for you! If you sign up less than two weeks prior to your camp, you must pay in full upon registration.

What does my child need to bring to camp?

Some very important items are a water bottle, sunscreen, swimsuit, towel, and clothes they can play in!  You can find the full list in the Parent Packet!

What is a typical day at Camp like?

You can see a schedule in this handy dandy Parent Packet!

When and where do I pick up and drop off my camper?

Drop off begins at 2pm on Sunday at Camp Winona.  Please note that each age group has a different drop off time to cut down on wait time. This is available in the Parent Packet. Pick up is at 5pm on Friday.

Whoever picks your child up will need a photo ID, and to be on the list of approved people for pick up.

Can you tell me more about the Camp Store