Prepare yourself for a better school year with a trip to Camp Winona. Our program not only is a fantastic experience but creates stronger students in every major category. Participating in outdoor education and going on an overnight trip shows better attendance, strong relationships, better behavior and even higher test scores. This is just the beginning. Campers report a stronger sense of independence, willingness to try new things, liking school more and a desire to spend more time in nature.

Our 68 wooded acres lends itself as nature’s classroom and our semi private lake is available for endless amounts of education and recreation! Our programs offer information, but more importantly the development through experience. 

Whether you are starting your school year with team building, supplementing the classroom curriculum with experiential education or if you’re just looking to end the school year with a fun filled day, YMCA Camp Winona is here to accommodate you.

Our Goals

  • To Improve Self-Confidence
  • To Expand Comfort Zones
  • To Learn to Work as a Group
  • To Build Confidence
  • To Increase Strength and Fitness

“Fresh air, exercise, and creative exploration are just a few of the benefits children can experience when they spend time outdoors. Encouraging children to be active while outdoors is important for their physical, cognitive, and social development. By fostering more opportunities for outdoor learning, we will help the next generation grow and develop as they build an appreciation for nature at an early age.”

Dr. Courney Crim, Assistant Professor, School of Education, Trinity University