We build strong strong teams

Whether business, school or community organization your team can benefit from teambuilding. 

Our initiative courses give groups the chance to improve communication, problem solving and their grit to handle difficult tasks. If you want a more effective team Camp Winona is the place to develop it.


Organizations can join us at camp or have us provide our program on the road. Our instructors work in a 1:15 ratio. They identify goals and group dynamics. From there they provide physically active mental challenges which cause the group to identify strengths and weaknesses. From there the instructor can provide programs that further the development of missing skillsets so your team can become stronger. 

Your team will return to your organization with a stronger bond, commitment to success and a belief that they can accomplish hard things. 

Why Teambuilding for my Business?

  • A fully engage workforce can provide twice the revenue
  • Employee retention improves through well bonded teams
  • Regular teambuilding leads to more successful communication, problem solving and happiness in the workplace leading to higher productivity
  • Separation 

Why Teambuilding for my School?

  • Students who participating in teambuilding programs show improved classroom behavior
  • Camp is proven to prevent learning loss
  • Teambuilding helps students to focus on difficult tasks for longer periods
  • Participants can actively learn through experience
  • Development focuses on necessary social skills to prepare students for life

My Organization Wants more Information on Teambuilding