Projects and Future Plans

A Future in the Outdoors

Camp Winona believes getting kids outside to camp is one of the most important goals of our future. To do so it takes a lot of effort, and you can help ease the load of making incredible camp experiences. Take a look at our projects below and see what we are working on, what we may have recently completed or perhaps where you can help move us forward. 


Our Campfire Stage

This project is set for construction for winter 2024. The stage will be located at the existing campfire location. Opening and Closing Campfires will now be a big production!

With a well lit stage campers can act, sing or speak to the crowd like they have never done before. The two towers allow for even more creativity when performing. A fire pit on either side allows for s’more making for more children but also more campfire light to shine on the stage. 

For groups this is also a perfect outdoor presentation area. The are will have outdoor lighting and sound.


Our Waterfront


In 2023 we replaced our old docks. Our new docks increased size and stability on the water. This created a safer environment for our swimmers and improved programming. The end of each jetty sports a larger dock with either a rope swing or shaded area. With a zero depth beach entry and a maximum depth of almost 20 feet it is the perfect place to swim.

In addition we added new kayaks, paddleboards and canoes. 

Plus you will see the expansion to our aquatic obstacle course to go along with our existing giant slide and blob. 

We are currently looking to do more improvements in the future this is a key area for our campers experience. 

New Cabin Village

In 2019 Camp renovated the interior of all our exiting cabins. However with demanding capacity limits and year-round groups looking for more amenities camp needs to expand. The goal is to create a new village with modernized cabins which will suit all guests.

The new designed cabins fit 16 guests with a small chaperone/counselor room. The open floor plan leaves space for gathering and to limit the feeling of overcrowding. 

The new cabins will have bathrooms and showers in cabin. They will continue to have HVAC and a covered porch out front. 

Our Renovated Rec Hall


Our central hub for camp operations is based out of the rec hall. Unfortunately, the building has aged. We are adding a new deck, making our trading post walkable, and replacing window. 

In addition the building will gain a new bathroom. The building will have a facelift with new siding, paint and flooring in both interior and exterior. 

Our Future Dining Hall

As camp continues to grow so does the need for our dining hall to grow with it. This include seating, bathrooms and storage. It would also include a modernization of the facility in both appearance and infrastructure. 

Designs vary but general concepts include bathrooms, storage for tables, chairs and other utilities, an additional dining are for smaller groups and a large front deck to enjoy the lakefront view from while dining. 

This expensive endeavor will take the work of our entire community. We hope to find donors and sponsors to help make this project possible.

New Maintenance Bay


As we continue to make great improvements to Camp Winona we want to make sure we have a culture of caring and maintaining these investments. The construction of the 1800 sqft building will house our tools and equipment from the elements. In addition, this building will have a large workshop to complete large projects in the future.